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LUX ELEMENTS is an experienced specialist in the production of polystyrene hard foam and in processing products for the building, sanitary and wellness markets.

Their emphasis is on: wall cladding, floor structures, bathroom upgrading and wellness facilities.

As there is practically no limit on what the hard foam support element can provide, their customer wishes are more or less boundless.

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Steam Rooms / Lux Elements Modules The Board Element
Steam Rooms / Lux Elements Modules Lux Element Steam Room Seats
Steam Rooms / Lux Elements Modules Spa loungers
Lux Elements / Relaxation Loungers & Seats Relaxation Loungers
Lux Elements / Relaxation Loungers & Seats Steam Room Seats
Lux Elements / Construction Panel Elements Element Round Fitted Panels
Lux Elements / Construction Panel Elements Element Baby Panel
Lux Elements / Shower Units Relax-RD Round Shower
Lux Elements / Shower Units TUB Shower Floor
Lux Elements / Shower Units Corner Showers
Lux Elements / Luxury Bathrooms Lavado Sink Unit