June 11, 2024

Choose your Sauna Timber

Blackchurch Leisure sauna

When it comes to designing your sauna, the timber finish is what will create your environment. Are you looking to create a relaxing place for you to enjoy your experience or are you looking to fit in with the surrounding interior finishes of your home? The choices of timber we provide for your sauna walls and seating allow for your vision to come to life.

Here at blackchurch leisure we import only the best quality, heat treated timber sheeting and wall sheeting specifically designed to deal with the harsh environment in which a sauna is based.

Timber in which we use and recommend include aspen, alder, spruce and popple, all of which come in two forms, natural and thermal treated.

Below we will talk through the different timbers for your own reference.


The first example we have is natural aspen. This is a blonde timber, very smooth to the touch and has little to no knots present. This is a hard wearing timber that ill last for years in your sauna if maintained correctly.

Below is an example of our natural aspen timber in its benching form.

Aspen Benching
T aspen Sheeting

Above is an example of our thermal aspen sheeting. Like the natural aspen, the thermal aspen sheeting is smooth to the touch, high in quality and will last for years if maintained correctly. The thermal version of the sheeting is much darker, has a nice scent and alloys you to create a darker more relaxing environment.

Below is an example of our thermal aspen in benching form.

Alder sheeting

Above is an example of our Alder sheeting timber. Like the aspen sheeting, alder timber is ideal for use in a sauna both for sauna walls and benching. Alder timber gives off a slightly pink shade when the light hits it a certain way and creates a elegant and welcoming environment.

Below is an example of our alder benching for use in your seating and backrest.

Alder benching
T alder

Here we have an example of of thermal alder timber sheeting for your home sauna. Like the Thermal aspen, the sheeting gets a darker appearance during the thermal process allowing you to create a more relaxing environment internally in your sauna. This timber sheeting is soft to the touch, long lasting and has a nice scent to add to your experience.

Below is an example of our T alder benching timber that we use for our seating, backrests and heater guards.

Above we have an example of our blonde spruce sheeting. Like aspen and alder timbers, spruce is suitable to deal with the heat generated in a sauna however it is not as smooth to the touch and does contain a minimum amount of knots. Unlike aspen and alder, we do not have a spruce benching option available but we do have a thermal treated version available for that darker finish so many people enjoy.

Below is an example of of our thermal spruce sheeting for your reference.

thermal spruce sheeting

Now that you have seen some of our timber finishes you can let your creativity go wild. Mixing and matching timber is not an uncommon thing with people open using darker timber for the seating and lighter for the walls. At blackchurch leisure all our saunas are bespoke and custom made meaning whatever your vision, we can make it happen.

If you are looking to build your sauna yourself and in need of timber, we not only build saunas but we can help you design your personal sauna and provide you with all materials needed to make it happen. Between our top quality timber and our TYLO technology we can guarantee the best sauna experience available.

Get in touch today through email – or telephone – 014589464 for more information on our timber stock.

Blackchurch Leisure sauna
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