September 22, 2015

Athletes use sauna bathing to increase endurance

Dr. Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick, phd, is a researcher at Salk Institute for Biological studies. She is also the woman behind the popular health site and she speaks with great enthusiasm about the benefits of regular sauna bathing.


In a long and comprehensive article at she develops on this subject and describes in detail what athletes can gain from combining their exercise with sauna bathing. Below we have listed a few of these positive effects:

  • The regular exposure to higher temperatures leads to adaptations that help optimize your body during you next workout or race.
  • Regular sauna bathing increases the bodys ability to regulate its own temperature. The body is trained to sweat more efficiently which will lead to a better ability to quickly cool down during exercise.
  • The regular exposure to heat leads to an increased transportation of oxygen to muscles and skeleton and a quicker reduction of lactic acids.
  • The heat counteracts free radicals and helps the muscles regenerate.
  • The heat induces a higher release of growth hormones with leads to muscle growth.


In this video Dr. Patrick describes what happens in the body during sauna bathing and how it can have a very positive effect on endurance and muscle growth.