May 31, 2024

Requirements for a Home Sauna

Home sauna

sauna in ireland

Here at Blackchurch Leisure we build our home saunas bespoke to the space in which you provide. With that in mind there are some basic requirements needed when designing your home sauna to ensure your vision comes through.

Home sauna

When it comes to your home sauna the timber finish is the first decision to be made. We have a choice of six timber finishes to create your perfect environment. Aspen, thermo aspen, spruce, thermo spruce, alder and thermo alder, all of which are specifically suited for the sauna environment. We have these choices of timber in both seating and wall sheeting ready to go.

Sauna in Ireland

The next decision that needs to be considered is your door. We have a range of door sizes available from standard fitment to wheelchair friendly doors. If you are a tall person the height of our doors can go up to 2.1 meters with the smallest being 1990mm in height.  (1990 x 700, 2m x 700, 2.1m x 700 and wheelchair access doors)

Home sauna

After your have your timber choice decided along with your door its all about designing the layout of your sauna interior. How many seats? What way do you want your seating layout to be? Are you someone who likes to lay down in the heat? Are you someone who prefers to sit up as high as possible to be engulfed in the heat? These are the questions that need to be asked in order to create the perfect internal environment for your sauna.

Home sauna

Next up is is your exterior finish of your home sauna. Do you want a pane of glass to allow light in? Looking to continue outside with your timber finish or is it a case of blending the unit in with the existing room with tiles or a plasterboard finish. We can get custom glass produced to your requirements and put it into matching timber frames on request. We can also stud out the structure to allow plaster boards be fitted and your desired finish to be applied.

Now its down to the fancy bits. Your heats and accessories!
When it comes to sourcing a suitable heater for your home sauna there is one main consideration and that is the sq ft internally. All our heaters are graded to the size of the space in which they can sufficiently heat meaning the bigger the space the bigger the heater – something to consider.
In terms of the types of heaters we encourage, electric element based and stone heaters are what we recommend for ease of installation and maintenance. Infared panels are in stock if that is your desired choice of heating and stone heaters can be sourced also but not stocked.
The next step is your lighting and accessories. We used LED strip lights in a number of sizes to create an ideal lighting environment internally. The LED lights are suitable for the heat and have a long lifetime in comparison to standard lighting features. In terms of accessories we have our traditional bucket and ladle, hydro-termo, choice of essences along with digital controls.

Blackchurch Leisure sauna

Summary: Here at Blackchurch leisure we build our home saunas bespoke to your requirements and vision. From our choices of timber, external finish options and our accessories we can make your vision come through. Having a bespoke home sauna installed in your home is an investment in many ways, so ensure you do it right and build it to match your vision.

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